Luca Bortolussi

Università di Trieste

Luca Bortolussi is currently full professor of computer science at the University of Trieste, where he leads the  Artificial Intelligence lab. Previously he has been associate professor (2015-2021) and assistant professor (2006-2015) of computer science at University of Trieste. In 2014-2015 he has been professor of modelling and Simulation at Saarland University, and he has been guest professor in the same group in 2026 and in 2018-2021. In 2012 he  was a visiting researcher at the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh.He  got a PhD in Computer Science in 2007 from the University of Udine. For some years (2013-2017), he was associate researcher at CNR-ISTI in Pisa, within the QUANTICOL FP7 EU project.

His research interests are within the large realm of artificial intelligence, and lie at the boundary between symbolic and formal methods in computer science, statistical machine learning, and modelling, simulation and control. He is further interested in cyber-physical systems, collective adaptive systems, explainable and neuro-symbolic artificial intelligence, and a broad spectrum of applications in medicine, insurance, industry, sustainability and climate change. 

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